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It it with with profound regret and grief that I announce that Hutch, our beloved Mastiff, our Little Man, and my best friend ever, died at 4.08pm on Saturday 16th November 2019. He died at home, and we were with him throughout. He was eight days from his 12th Birthday. He can never be replaced. His character and personality will stay with us forever. Gone, but never forgotten. His website will stay as a tribute to him for the forseeable future.

Sad news. My Mum, Keira, had to be put to sleep on the evening of Friday, 22 September 2017. She had stomach bloat, and a twisted spleen. We all miss her terribly. She was nearly 12 years old.

Hi. I'm Hutch. I'm an English Mastiff. Or, to give me my full title, Old English Mastiff. I AM NOT A BULL MASTIFF! And I've heard the jokes about, "Do you want a rabbit, Hutch?", or, "Do I need a saddle?"!. I am classed as a "Giant Breed". In fact (I think), I am the biggest dog in the world, by mass. But I'm not fat. I run every day. I have been historically called "The Gamekeepers Night Dog". I'm a good dog. On the 16th October 2010, I passed the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bronze Test! Here's my certificate!

I was 9 years old on 24th of November 2016. Thanks for all your birthday messages! My Mum, Keira (who lived with me), sadly had to be sent to the Rainbow Bridge on 22 September 2017. She's pictured with me at the Ring of Brodgar in Orkney (I'm the one on the right). I live in $%^(*&(&^^^*. Sorry, my paws are bit big for this keyboard, and the people that I own are making me do this site myself. But, I am the Peter Pan of dogs; I will never grow up! I am going to be oldest puppy ever!

Keep coming back.

I'll be putting photographs, stories of the places I've been to, and the scrapes I've got into. I'd put my mobile phone number on here (I'm on pay as you bark) but I'd get all sorts of weird dogs ringing me up!

I get on well with all dogs, though; big, medium and small. Unless they're nasty to me, in which case I ignore them. Unless they try to bully me, or the people that I own, then I'll tell them who's the boss! Most dogs like me though.

I've now put some dog jokes on! Clean, and mostly rubbish, but jokes all the same.

I've (well, not me personally!) put on a "My Ramblings" page, which is about the places that I've been to, and the things that I've done.

Also, wherever in the world that you may be, send me photographs of your dog(s), and their name, and where they're from if you wish (I don't need the postcode, a rough area will do), and I'll tell the people that I own to include them in my "Guest Dogs" photo gallery. Thanks for sending your pictures. Keep on sending! Keep on sending any dog friendly pubs, hotel and Bed and Breakfasts in Scotland to me as well. I have put two videos of me on here too!


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